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SEL Chat: International SEL Day March 27, 2020

Updated: May 4

Have you heard the news? Today is International SEL Day! The Urban Assembly and SEL4US have started this initiative to bring communities together to support the importance of Social-Emotional Learning.

In this special edition podcast we chat about what events #SELDay have put together. Tune in then sign up for all the events!

Event links here:

SELday website

Move This World "Generating Buy-In for SEL" Webinar 10:00AM EST

Facebook & Twitter LIVE #SELDay podcast with Imagine Neighborhood at 11:AM PT

CASEL CARES webinar on Being Your Best Possible 'SEL'f 1PM EST

Inaugural International Social Emotional Learning Congressional Briefing Webinar 11:30 EST

Search #SELChat on Twitter for a recap of the great conversations held about generating buy-in for SEL

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